Tuesday, September 19, 2006
My worries
His friend passed away years ago while the they were riding back to Singapore from Malaysia. He was the rider while his friend was the pillion. They met with an accident and the friend passed away on the scene. He managed to survive but was in coma for 2 weeks. When he was concious, he ask where is his friend. Cause of his weak state and he had not recovered fully, his other friends kept silence about the death of their friend. When he knew that his friend died a week later, he promised himself and his friend's family that he would not ride a bike again. He gave up his licence and stay true to his words. Until now, there will be tears in his eyes everytime he mentioned about his friend and how he regret speeding at 120km/hr.

Recently, he told me that he gotta take a bike licence due to his work. I told him that if it is due to his work, I will allow but he can't ride a bike when he it is out of working hours. Frankly, it is not that I dun allow but because of what he had promised. A promise made about his own life is not funny at all. I am really really afraid. He is my future fiance. I do not want anything to happen to him. I love him a lot. His eyes brightened when he told me that he miss speeding. I reminded him of the promise that he made and how worried I will be. I dun care a damn if it is due to his work but I do not want him to speed and I do not want him to break his promise. A promise that is made regarding your own life is very dangerous. Yah it is true, if it is time for you to go, you will have to go but we dun find 'death'. If only he understand how worried I will be......

If anything were to happen to you my dearest...
I rather die than to live without you
For I am too dependent on your love
Your hugs and your kisses

If anything were to happen to you my love...
My life would be dead
Though my heart keeps beating
It will only beat for you

If anything were to happen to you my sweetheart...
My life would be like a zombie
For you are the reason I live on
For you are the sunshine in my life

But if anything were to happen to me sayang...
Please live for the future
Never ever look back to the past
In heaven, I will always stays by your side.........

I love you Chrisz and I never wanna lose you..... Never.....
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