Tuesday, September 19, 2006
My wishes
I do not want anything to change between us. I still want our 'I love you' to be there and to hold your hands until the day I die. I love you and only you. I am really really afraid of losing you. Dear, please take care of my heart as how I had taken care of yours. Please do not crush it into pieces just like how they did it to me. I won't be able to face the heartache. Please treasure me n my love just like how I treasure yours. I love you and miss you every seconds of everyday. Dear, thanks for everything that you had done for me. I really appreciate it. Thanks for loving me as I am. I was really happy when my mum ask you whether you had really made up your mind about me and you said that it had been a long time that you made up your mind. I can't help but smile. I was so touched by every words that you said that day. Thanks dear for everything. Especially for just loving me....
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