Sunday, September 17, 2006
The Past, Present and Future
My love journey in life had taught me things that I need to know, understand but there was also things that I dun wish I knew. However, if I dunno all those heartaches and the feelings of losing my loved ones, I dun think I would ever treasure what I have right now. The things that I can't forget between me and him still haunts me but it did not hurt as much. Maybe because I have Chrisz in my life now and I am grateful to him. The past will soon fade away and I have to live by the present and the future with my beloved family and my man. Whatever he did to me and my heart will soon pass and fade away with time though it took years. He taught me the meaning of love, missing the one I love, trust, honesty and faithful. Now, I knew who I love, who I miss. The importance of having a solid trust, being honest and faithful to your man. I had loved him before but he is never there for me. Now that I have Chrisz, I would treasure him, love him, miss him, trust him, be honest to him and remain faithful to him. So far, I've learnt one thing from a friend. There is no use in loving someone if you can't have him. It is true that we won't know the ending of life but like the song goes 'how can we say forever when I see you next to never?'

I chosen this journey in my life and hopefully with the blessings of 'THE ONE'. I hope there will be nobody between us and that our life will go smoothly. Insya'allah until the end of life...... I would like to end my journey with you.............
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