Monday, September 25, 2006
First Day of Ramadhan
Alhamdullilah... The first day ends well. Feel restless of course but dats usual. Feel really fresh when the fast ends and after my Maghrib prayers. I prayed for forgiveness and the blessings of THE ONE in our relationship. I prayed that HE will show us the way to the right path and dat we will have a smooth journey to our engagement and alas to our marriage. Amin.

I told him that if I have a younger brother, my parents would have name him Esra Merza. Chrisz said he likes the name very much and he ask if he can take that as his Muslim name. He ask me to ask my mum and so I did. Mum laughs and said that it will be better if he take a name from the Quran. He insists on the name. :) That's him. My darling...

We talk about our future. We agreed to take things one at a time. But there is never harm in planning for the future. He told me that right now, he gonna save for our engagement and after that will be our wedding. The last thing he told me was after our wedding, we will save to go to Haj for our pilgrimage. I was really shock and I thank Allah for that. I thank God for opening his heart to convert to our religion and wanting to go to Haj. Syukur Alhamdullilah. I never felt this happy and I thank God for this happiness that he had given me. All this while I had been asking myself where will I find happiness. Never did I realise, I had found my happiness in Chrisz. Thanks my dear for everything and Thanks God for giving Chrisz to me...
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