Wednesday, September 27, 2006
"To love a girl knowing dat she have illness, at times am so worried. No matter what, I want to make her happy so she get to see me marry her and the kids grow up and get married. I will always love her."

"At times why I scold you for delaying taking your medicine is cos sumtimes I see you dun bother. Every night I think of you and your illness. Sometimes you says I dun acknowledge I love you. In my heart, I care and concern and loves you."

" I always think of you every nite and worried. Sometimes I feel very sad when you feel the pain. Even now, I can't sleep"

I received all these messages at 3am in the morning. He can't sleep and message me all this. Last night, he told me when he had actually fall for me. It is on our first meet. He told me that he likes how I care for him and gradually the feelings become stronger by day. I love him. And forever I will be...
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