Monday, October 02, 2006
My weekend
My weekend was a bit tiring especially on a Saturday. We plan to leave the house after my Zohor prayer but ended up leaving early cause his cousin, Sean called up asking to meet. So we ended up meeting Sean and his friend in Far East Plaza. Left there about 3.30pm to go to Darul Arqam. He wanted to register for the convert's course. Smileys.... Then we head down to Bugis to survey for our engagement rings. Went to a few shops namely Goldheart, SK, Lee Hwa and Soo Kee (dats all I remember). As both of us wants a pure platinum, it costs quite a bomb for an engagement ring. So, we juz ask for their namecards and the code for the ring that we like so we can decide later. Hehe.... Went to Kampung Jawa after dat. It was not in our plan initially but as there is still time to waste, we went there. We juz thought of surveying for a cloth to be made as my engagement gown but end up buying it at last as it was nice... damn nice when the put it on me. It flows perfectly just like how I wants it to be. He loves it too....

My Kain

On Sunday, he spent the whole day with me again. And today, I miss him again.... miss all his nonsense... hehe.. Love him so much.... my future fiance....

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