Sunday, October 08, 2006
While playing the net, he told me to sit on his lap as he got something to tell me. Before sitting, I asked him what is it? Then he told me that nevermind he will talk to me when he reach home. Questions filled up my mind. He sit on my sofa and close his eyes. I asked him again what is it that he want to speak to me about. He juz kept mum and said that he had forgotten what he wanna talk about then he lean forward with his hand on his head. He sat again at the computer table and watch tv. His face turns red and his eyes turns reddish and watery...

Earlier in the day, he did something that doubts me. So secretive. I was wondering why and who. But I put my doubts away as I do not want to distrust him. At least if not as a gf, I trust him as a friend. However, I do not trust F. What the heck even wen F is engaged. I mean as somebody's fiancee, what the heck you messaging other guys in the middle of the nite and at the wee hours in the morning? And asking to meet when he had clearly stated he is with his fiancee? That's ridiculous. I trust him but I never trust a b***h by the name of F!!! What the f**k??

And so he message me when he is home and at last he pop out the topic! He said, "It's not say I'm jealous or what but why do you still keepyour pics with your ex?" I was stunned. I thought he wouldn't check and I thought he dun mind (which of cos is a foolish thing for me to think that way though). But still!!!! Well, ok... but did he cried? Why is his eyes red and watery? Wanna say he sleepy but he never sleep when he got back home. He still message me. Hmm..... left for me to wonder..... My darling future fiance..... haiz....
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