Saturday, October 14, 2006
Dun mean it... really dun mean it....
The tears juz won't stop flowing. She made a lot of decisions within a few days just to get a cold shoulder from him. Juz because of a stupid joke that they made together. Now she is crying non stop and nobody listen to her tears flowing. Nobody. He blames her for it. He blames her for what happened when she had done everything that she could. She really dun mean it. Why must he keep on blaming her? She is really tired. Tired of everything. At times, she wish she is dead. She should have been dead a long time ago. But she lives for him. He gave her hope to live again but why..... why he blames her? He dun even noe she is still crying. Crying by his words. Crying by everything that happened. Will happiness really awaits her??? Will she ever find happiness at the end of her journey in life? She prayed very hard that he is her happiness and until now...... she still wish for the same. The same wish that she had a year ago for him to be her happiness....
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