Sunday, November 05, 2006
Hari Raya Celebration 2006
Had an open house yesterday. Invited my frens, ex colleagues, his cousins and my cousins. It was a busy day for me. Tiring day for him n my mum. He helped my mum in the kitchen while I was busy entertaining the guests. At the end of the day, we manage to pose for a picture.
First Day of Hari Raya

Posing for Fun! Very 'mentel'

Me and Beloved Darling

Full Pose

We still can afford to smile though we are very tired. We went back to Simei in the morning to get his uniform and then we went out. Our last stop is at Singapore Post, Paya Lebar. Went to eat at the Kopitiam. Usually we will buy together and find a table together but he treat me extra nice today. He went to order and he gave me a kiss on the forehead after he ask me to find a table and sit first while waiting for him. He went to buy my favourite drink without even asking me. How sweet!!! He remembers what I like and he knows I don't eat much so he did not nag like last time when I can't finish the food. I love him and alhamdulillah.... I thank God for helping me and giving me strengths and hopes to be with him. I love you darling...

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