Monday, February 19, 2007
"Semudah itu kau ucapkan kata maaf kekasihku. Setelah kau lakukan lagi kesalahan yang sama. Dimana perasaanmu saat kau melakukan salah yang sama? Inikah cara dirimu membalas tulus cinta yang telah ku beri? Menyakitkan bila cintaku dibalas dengan dusta. Namun mencintamu takkan ku sesali kerna aku yang memilikmu."

"Luka ini telah membeku; tak mencair. Tahukah kamu semalam tadi aku menangis mengingatmu; mengenangmu? Mungkin hatiku TERLUKA DALAM atau selalu terukirkan kenangan kita"

If she were to pass away one day, he will be her greatest worry. Although at times, she dun feel appreciated at all and all her care and concerns had become constant nagging to him. She still won't stop showing her love to him and his family. If only he knew... if only he care... Maybe..... maybe he will only care when she is gone for good. Maybe then will he realise everything. She is really tired of living. Really really tired of living. Only god knows how tired she is of this world. Of the people who makes her disgust this life. She only wants him to think of their future. Is she asking for too much? He really hurt her this time. This hurt is too deep to be fix. She forgive him of course. She loves him to much to bear any grudge but why he keep on hurting her. Why is it so cruel? She had chosen this life and she do not want to regret it but why is it so cruel???
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