Tuesday, February 13, 2007
Engagement - 10.02.2007
I am officially engaged with my boyfriend. Alhamdulillah everything goes well on that day. I thank God for this wonderful day where I am engaged to a wonderful man. He answered my prayers and I thank him for that. And so here it goes...

Our engagement ring

Me with the 'dulang hantaran'

Me with my fiance; Faris Mirza Lee

I am happier now and I hope that I will remain happy like this always. To all my friends who turn up, thank you so much! And of course not forgetting my cousins, thanks for your gifts. To my beloved family, my mum who cooks. my dad who look after everything so that it will all goes well and he did not sleep a wink after he came back from work in the morning and he still need to work at nite!!! To my sister and brother in law who make this happens. To Kak Mid who makes the cupcakes and to Kak Wannie who make up for me. I love it man!!!! Haha!!! Thanks to all of you!!!

At last I'M ENGAGED!!!

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