Wednesday, April 25, 2007
What the.........???!!!!
Hello??!!! You think I am deaf or what huh?!!! Telling her that I am the one who hurt u??? Where is the hurt? Any bruises? What is this small hand compared to your big size??!!!! Wake up boy!!! You're such a jerk! Asking her where have u hurt her??? Are you blind? Can't you see her bruises? Can't you see that she is in pain?! What kinda husband are you??? You might have helped the sister a lot but that does not justify your doing! Hurting her like that? She had done her responsibilities as a wife! If she were to complain to the 'court', do you know that you will get a divorce? You had hurt her physically and emotionally as well but when the elders came; you act as though you are the victim?!!! You're one damn f**king jerk!

Not to worry. I had always prayed for her happiness even if that happiness meant not to be with you. She deserves someone better than a jerk like you. You are quite an actor but too bad. I had seen thru you and I regret starting to talk to a jerk like you. God knows everything and I'm sure He will know how to deal with you!!!
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