Wednesday, April 25, 2007
Whatever ur thinking!!!
Seriously, I dun care a damn about whatever you say. I am the one who witness what happened and for that; you can't change the fact. It is easy for you to ask me not to interfere but when it happen in front of me and concerned about somebody whom I hold dearly to my heart; you can't expect me to act as though nothing had happened!!!

She may hurt physically and maybe emotionally as well. But I am hurt too. Maybe God has a reason for not letting you witness his bad side. You may thought that he is a different person. Yes! I might talk to him but that won't erase my hatred towards him. Everytime I saw his face, I feel like puking! It irks me! It irks me to see him acting the way he does! He may be nice to me but that is only to close his bad side. The incident is still playing in my mind and I won't forget it till I'm dead!

No matter what people said. No matter how she ask me to forget about it. I won't! Those words is still playing in my mind. If I can't go to her defence, I don't know why I am born at the first place. I really dunno...

Thinking about it really makes me cry. She had made a lot of sacrifice and I know that. It's just that I dun bother to talk about it. I am glad that I am there to witness because if anything were to happen to her one day, I know who is at fault and that person will never go away easily!

You know what?! I may not know you but you do not know me as well. So, stop your bullshit of acting kindness. I dun nid that! And whatever people say.. I dun even care a f**king damn of whatever your thinking!!!
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