Sunday, June 24, 2007
I really dunno what do all these men are thinking. When they have a lady who loves them so much, they took them for granted especially when the lady comes in when they are having problems with their wife/gf. I dun understand guys who makes friends with the opposite sex although they are married. To me, their partners are their friend, best friend, good friend, close friend, their sweetheart, their lover, their gf/bf, their wife/husband and their soulmate. They are their everything. I am not saying that they could not be friends with their colleagues though. I mean you are working when both of u are married rite and that makes ur colleagues ur old friends. What I don't understand is the fact that they make friend outside or worse having an affair outside and make empty promises and then went off. When their 'affair partners' move on with his/her life cos that relationship is not going anywhere, then you left your wife/husband. What is dat suppose to mean? U might not know that maybe he/she loves you very much and all he/she wants is for you to be happy but leaving ur wife/husband only after he/she had left? What are you trying to prove? He or she might be jerk or b***h for having an affair with you but they are human who needs love too. You are the one who should know your limit and now ur hurting 2 person without u realising it...

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