Saturday, November 15, 2008
He is out for good now. Dun ask me what had happened or if I am ok (I am obviously not). Dun ask me what I am thinking and dun ask me to look at her before I do anything. It is because of her dat I came into this decision. I dun want her to know in the future what he had done or if he had done anything for her.

I am deeply hurt and enough is enough. I let this tears flow freely as I know one day it will stop and I will begin a new life. I dunno how life would be in the future bt insya'allah everything will be fine and happiness is down there waiting for me with or without sumone. For I know, I still have my family and most importantly her who is my life.

Leave me be for I know what I am doing and with my parent's blessings, I know I could overcome this and be a strong woman. For my parents, my siblings and most importantly, my only daughter.......
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