Thursday, November 27, 2008
What had I hope for......
Happiness. That's all. But.... maybe.... just maybe... dat is too much to ask for....

I had lost my beloved grandma. I knew I am losing him when he left and now, abang is sick. God knows when his time will come.

I can't take it any longer. People thot dat I am fine. 'You are very strong' is what they always said. God knows what happen behind these doors, behind these laughters. Everytime I listen to anybody who found their happiness or anybody who suffer a setback, I could just cry. Not in front of them but inside my heart.

I am hurting. I can't deny that fact. People might say that it is not worth it but I still cry. Just let me cry for these moment for I will know that one day, all these will stop.

Allah, please dun take abang away. I can't be dealt with another blow. I am weak enuf and I pray for u to give me strength. Amin
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