Sunday, July 05, 2009
When I thot it's OVER
HE called me after the audit. Asking, complaining and talking. Not about me. He is just blabbering. And at that time, I am confuse again but I still stick to my decision of not calling him any longer unless circumstances persist.

He did not come on that day. What the heck. Am pissed off and enough is enough. He is making things difficult for me but still; he do not know who he is dealing with. I know him through and through. Didn't I tell you that I always stick to my no. 3 rules. I only give people 3 chances. I only need to know people by 3 circumstances and I had known him by 100s of circumstances. There is more hurt than happiness and I am not going to take it lying down. I will make sure that he deserve his own desserts. Nothing sweet. Just bitterness all through his life.

And I am going to put an end to all this SHIT!
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