Monday, July 06, 2009
I tried so much to get busy today but my mind was full of what is going to happen in two days time. I shake myself awake; awake to what is going to happen; to what is really happening to me. It will be official soon; legally. Suddenly, my heart stops and my mind was reminded of the past. What happen between October and November 2008......

I hate your tears for I know it is never true. I had it when you say those three words for I know it is all lies. Do you know what hurt me most? It is that you don't care about her. When she grows up, do I follow their advice as not to say bad things about you? What does that makes me? A hypocrite? Hating you but have to talk about good things about you? I am so confuse. Not about whether to talk bad things or good things about you but if you have good things in the first place for me to talk about.

Maybe one day when she grows up, I shall just tell her not to talk about u but even that hurts me. She is innocent and she deserves sumone to be her 'f' but I am not able to give her and that hurts me.

Do you know what is my last words to her everynight? It is never goodnight but.... I am sorry my dear...
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