Sunday, October 18, 2009
Dun try to explain to me. By right, you dun nid to. Who am I to you, right? I am just a colleague of yours. Nothing more. Nothing less. Maybe... just maybe....

Patch things up with your girlfriend? Am I suppose to be just a stand-in? If I had known earlier, I wouldn't let it happened. But seriously, I dun regret it. Please... please allow me to hold to dat memory dat we had. I will remember it and treasure it always. Dun expect me to be there for you anymore. Dun expect me to msg or call you anymore. I hate you for being too confident. I hate you for being so confident that I will be back. Stop holding me too tightly. It is hard for me to let it go. It was written all over your face that you hate him. You hate it that I am meeting him. You blurt it out and I heard it. Please... let me go.... it is hard for me to do this so dun hold me back. Dun hold me too tightly. Please... I missed you so much but I am hurting whenever you're beside me; whenever u put your hands on my knees trying to make me understand, whenever you stare at me. I am hurting... it really hurts.

I dunno what tomorrow will brings but I hope it is for the better. I pity my heart. I dun want it to be hurt again. I swear dat I dun want to mention your name ever again. I want to forget where you stay and which site you belong to. Let me go and let me have at least peace in my mind....

From now on, I will do what I want. I won't let anyone... ANYONE to let me fall again. I will have to do this for myself and my family. This is the time I will show everyone.... I AM BACK IN ACTION!!!
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