Thursday, September 24, 2009
My brain... my heart... my wish... my future....
Why didn't we meet earlier?
Why are you '..........'?
Why do you have a '....'?

If only we knew earlier, I wouldn't mind......

That was the questions he kept asking in one single breath.

What did you say?

No. nothing...

What did you say?

Nothing. Really nothing.....

I heard it clearly. Very clear. And I know there and then that even if we are together, we will still be separated. But... what happen on that day... is it a mistake or is it something that both of us wanted all along? We are inseparable but now I am scared. What happen on that day? Do you remember? It kept flashing on my mind. Every moments of it. Everything had happened. Nothing to be regretful about.

J, nobody wants a life like this. I don't ask for this either. It hurts me. It hurts her. Thanks for being there for me when I needed someone. J, I realise who I am; really. I know where I stand. Why did we let it happen? Is the rumours going to be true? Are we going to fulfil their wish?

Whatever it is, I know for sure.... between u and me, there is no 'us'...........
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