Tuesday, October 13, 2009
Last Week
On thursday, I had dinner and went somewhere. I am really stress up with my work and with everything else. I am stress that I don't have time for my kid, for my family or my own self. I am stress that people are making a fool out of me; out of my trust and their promises.

Last Saturday, I was suppose to go to my ex-colleague's open house but it was cancelled cause her sister-in-law's baby died in the womb. I feel sad for her. I cried quietly everytime someone mentioned of death especially babies. God is Great.

I was too tired by the time I reach home and head for the bed. I slept early just to wake up at 1.12am to be exact by the ringing of my mobile on my dressing table. Usually, I will put it beside me; on the bed. But, I dunno on that particular night, I don't feel like getting any nearer to my mobile. I stared at it for a moment then decide to just crawl out of bed and reach out for it. By the time, I see it, it was silent. I was struggling to type in the password to see who called and it rang again. I almost jumped out of bed and wide awake. It was him. I thought I was dreaming but it was him. He called me. I dunno if he was drunk or just plain bored but he called me.

I braced myself and picked up the phone. I said hello and there was his voice. I miss that voice that I almost cried. Almost. He asked what I was doing. I can't possibly said that I was sleeping and my stupid answer was nothing. He asked if I have anything the next night and I said no. He told me that he missed me and want to meet and that he will call me at 9 sharp. Yes. 9 sharp but do you think he did?

As usual, he did not. I expected that. That was so predictable, isn't it? After what he had done, how could I believe him?

I woke up every hour of the night. I thought I was dreaming. I look at the call list and yes his name was there. One missed call and one incoming call. It is him. He did call.

I did not asked why he didn't call me like he promise to. I didn't bother. Maybe, I don't even want to know. I admit it. I do miss him a lot but there is no way. No way that I am going to meet him again. Everytime I have to call their office, I got scared. Scared that he is the one who picked up the phone like he did yesterday and still act nonchalant.

I dun understand why you can be a jerk through and through....
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