Wednesday, September 30, 2009
When we met, I can't hardly recognize you. You suddenly grab all documents and go. We talk, joke and stare at each other. We definitely knew what is happening between us. It is always me and not you. Don't you realise it?

I noticed your hair and asked and you told me clearly that you only dressed up occasionally or when you meet someone special. Well, I am not special afterall isn't it? Oh yea.... for once, I forgotten where I stand. I am sorry. Sorry for reading too much in your body language. Maybe it is my fault. I forgot that I don't have the right. Not even a right to be happy with someone. I am sorry that I forgot and it hurts.

You ask me about her and you ask me about him. Why do you have to turn your head away? Listen to my explaination please... or maybe there is no explaination at all.

When I receive a message, why do you take my mobile away? Why did you look at it? Like on that day, you just take my mobile and put it in your pocket as if all my belongings belong to you. Only a boyfriend or husband do that. Don't you know?

I told myself a lot of times not to be taken in by sweet words, by sweet look and anything to do with that. But you are neither. I just feel comfortable with you. I might be wasting my time but you allow me to waste your time too, isn't it? If not, why do you call me and messaging me? Why do you always promise to call me every night?

Everytime I called out your name, you will always answer me; just to assure me that you are there with me. I told you I hate those messages when you say 'Nothing' and 'What' and you said you didn't mean it. Thank you so much. I am content just to know that.

I am easily content if you know what I like and what I dislike. At this stage of my life, I can't expect more from you. I can't ask you to accept me as I am cause I know you can't. Blame it on my status or blame it on my past stupidity if you must. Maybe this is the retribution that I got from loving him so much. I am hurting so much if you must know but as much as I am concern my dear, behind this smiles and laughters, I won't let you see my tears.
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