Monday, September 28, 2009
In a state of confusion....
I told myself to run away from you. Why did you have to chase me and make me stop? Don't give me false hope as I do not want to give you any hope. I am confuse all over again. You are so unpredictable!

Why do you have to make me feel so insulted at one time and make feel good the next? Why are you so nice to me at one time and be cold to me the next?! I am screaming out loud. Can't you hear me? I want to run away. I want to but why must you be here with me! Why do I feel as though I am tied to you? Why is my weakness still here with me? Why?!!!!!

She told me to be strong and just give in to my heart for once. But I am really scared... You are so full of yourself and your world that at times.... yeah at times.... you failed to notice that I am here.... standing.... in front of you.... always.....
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