Thursday, November 12, 2009
Confession of a Confused Heart
She felt like a fool. She should be hating him but she just can't do it. She can't resist the sms and the calls. He is there whenever she thinks of him. She misses him so much. He got a gf and he loves his gf. She is sure of that but why is it so difficult to forget him? He is nothing. Nothing special. Why is she head over heels in love with him. Why can't he let her go? Why can't she let him go? This is so stupid. Knowing that he might not love her. Knowing that she might just be a stand-in, why is she being so stupid?!

Why do men hurts her so much or is she the one willing to be hurt? Please allow her to forget him. Why didn't he allow her to?

She miss him. She really do.....
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