Tuesday, November 10, 2009
Who am I?
You called me when I was on medical leave. I was shock. I thought you knew I was sick. I picked up the phone and heard your voice. I asked your purpose of calling and you answered that you were just wondering what I was doing at that point of time. Well, it was 5pm and raining. If I was at work, I would probably still doing my work but I was at home on that day and was watching the television. I was happy just to know that you are thinking of me on that rainy day.

I was tired last Sunday. Came back from Malaysia and was feeling terribly upset that I forgot to send back the DVDs that I borrowed and was thinking of you and how good it will be if you are thinking of me too and message me or something. One second later.... aaaaaccccchhhhhooooo! My sms ring. I was like.... 'haiz. i wish it is him' IT IS HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He asked what I was doing and if I wanna meet him. I really feel like meeting him. I missed him and I really want to meet him but I said the opposite. Not today. Just came back from Malaysia and have not iron my clothes for tomorrow. Stupid ME! What was I thinking? He is a busy man! He came back late everyday and here I was missing the opportunities to meet him! What the hell was I thinking?! But I felt good. I don't regret. To me, if you really want to meet me, there will be another time that we will meet and the past will rewind itself. Am falling again my dear..... I do....
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