Saturday, November 21, 2009
Came to that point in my life....
It is nice to hear you calling me 'darling' for the first time. I still remember the way you said it and that is what kept me smiling...

But my dear, we have to realise that when she is here, there will no more 'us'. What is there will only be 'me' and 'you'. My dear, you changed me to whom I was before and I hate that. I told myself that I rather be hurt now than later. I was hurt, wasn't I? It is really difficult for me to totally forget about you. It takes a lot of courage and time. I know that I really need to go. Go faraway from your life but whenever I tried to do that, you always called and I start missing you all over again. That day, I still remembered how you told me that you wanted to spend everyday with me. I am really happy. I am really really happy but it's impossible isn't it? I am hurt now by you. The person who was not suppose to have any meaning in my life. I am hurt by someone who is suppose to be just another person in my life.

If you have the answers to all my questions, please tell me....
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