Tuesday, November 24, 2009
What can I say? My hp was repaired and the first person that I message was you and you are the first person to call me. I wondered why are you the first person that I want to share my happiness with? I am really happy that we talked for 13 minutes plus. I am really happy that we joked just like old times. Well, how could I say it is old times when it just happened 2 months back?

I am scared now. Scared that whatever I am scared of will come true tonight. You are out with team and I don't know if I could contact you or not. In any case, I should be running away from you, shouldn't I? I was suppose to be far away from you. As much as I kept denying, I can't lie to myself. When I told you that I lost the video of my 'beloved man', you don't want to hear any of it. Why? I was just talking about the singer whom we took video of last thursday, remember?

Just now, while resting, I was thinking about my own question. Why can't I forget you? The reason is pretty simple. Do you remember the first time you meet me? I was like a hard shell. You know nuts about me. It took me sometime to open up to you. About me, my life. You asked me umpteen times if I am interested in you but I just laugh it off. I even told you that I don't have the right to love. But you. You are the one who open up this heart. You are the one who tell me that it is okay. Then, you hurt me. J, everthing happens in just 2 months. It seems like I had known you for years. You are there when I need you but you are also not there when I need you. I have to go away from your life. I have to. I will have to try to get out of your life. Of this life. As much as I hate this. I have to. J, forgive me. This is the best for us.

It should be.....
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