Saturday, December 12, 2009
Don't try...
Is that the way for you to tell me? Is that the gesture to let me know? I dunno and I can't read your mind. Be straight forward and tell me. Hiding it as not to hurt my feelings are hurting itself. I hate you since the time you deny everything. I hate you for making me wait for nothing. I hate you for making my job difficult. I hate you for everything!!!

But, why my heart doesn't waver when someone else came knocking? Why does my mind kept thinking of us? Never did I realise, it's gonna be 1 month since we last met. It is the longest time of all. You said it yourself and u even said "............" in the message and you actually joke that you miss your SM more than me! Haha! That's funny. Idiot....

Anyway, I am happy as I am now. I just wish you well and wanna tell you that I miss you a lot....
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