Wednesday, December 23, 2009
What a blunder!
Attended a site dinner gathering last night.

Did not eat much. Played games. It was fun but I was a bit pissed off when someone who was just been introduced to me kept asking me questions. I don't like to answer and I am not in the mood to answer. What can I say about him? I can't tell her the truth.

And so now I know what an a**hole these people are. I don't even know if I could trust anyone anymore over anything. The trust is gone again and maybe I would just close myself up again towards anyone who wanna get close to me.

I am hurt enough. Don't hurt me again please.

If I can change something about myself, I would want to erase all my bad memories. At least, I wouldn't need to fake my smile.

Anyway, an engineer is going back next week and so he bid farewell to everybody. He did something that was really shocking..... to me... While I was talking to her, he suddenly sweep me from behind and carry me. I was so scared that he would throw me to the swimming pool. Haha... thinking about it, it made me laugh. He tried to put me down after much persuasion from the manager's wife but.... I was not really stable yet when he put me down and so while his hand was still behind me, I fall down on the grass and he? He landed on top of me! OMG!!!

I kept punching him out of embarrassment and he kept saying sorry. I was not angry. Just embarrassed. We kept talking about the first time we met, about not seeing each other after that and other things but most of the stuffs we talked about was of us. I hope to see you again.

It is really sad to see the engineers going back after years and months of working with them. It is sad not to see their names in our staff list. We wouldn't know which country will he be transferred to or will he be there when I go to visit next year. Will we be able to meet again? I don't really know.

For now; right now; all I know is that I will miss them so much. As much as I would miss my family members.

Till we meet again.... take care dearies....
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