Sunday, May 09, 2010
A new chapter?
I dunno if it is gonna be a new chapter in my life. I dunno if he gonna be the one. So far, he is a good and a gentleman. In my whole life, I think he is the second man whom I know who would go all out in a date. Not gonna mention here what he did though. haha....

The thing that really makes me appreciates this friendship is that; he can accept me being divorced and having a kid. He asked about my kid. Enough questions to make me feel comfortable dat he is sincere in this friendship of ours. I wouldn't say dat he is the one for me. He might not but it is important to me dat my fren could accept me and my doter.

He told me that he bought a phone. A phone that I hate. That phone is a total jinx to me. Years ago, I lost contact with a beloved one due to this phone. Not only one person but a few more person. Therefore, I really hate this phone. I told him but he asked me why I never told him earlier on. How could I? I never did noe that he gonna buy a phone. Now, he is scared dat he will lost contact with me. Haha... foolish man. Fancy be scared of what I've said. He could have just assured me that we won't lost contact.

I told him not to be too nice to me. I might just fall head over heels with him which I am scared to. I am afraid that 'one day' will come. That I might just be bowled over by him. I have to hold myself. I have to be strong. But... why do I have the feelings that I could be happy.... with you. Suddenly, it reminds me of Josh. He always told me not to be too formal with him and to keep be reminded of the past that we shared. The thing is, do we have a past to think about? Was there ever 'us' in the past... I was hurt by him over and over again and till now, he never let me go. All I ask for is for someone to just give me happiness, a glimpse of hope for me to forever be strong and take care of doter..

Will there be a person like dat cos I still believe.. somewhere out there, someone is waiting for me......
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