Thursday, May 13, 2010
My handphone might gone bonkers or so I thot and so I asked my site colleague to send a test message to me. I dunno if it is really her or not but she said... 'Being jealous means you care. But what if you have no right to be jealous? Does that mean you dun have the right to care?' I love those sayings dat I called her and told her so.

He did not called me at all today. I did not hear his voice. It feels funny. I remembered his voice yesterday. 'What? ur outside? ur not at home?' When I heard that, it reminds me so much of the time dat I knew he was with his girlfriend and tried so much to hide it from me. Bingo. He felt how I felt that time. Nice?

I miss him but he is so busy with his work. I dunno if we will be meeting tomorrow or not. I hope we will. God, please let us meet. Pleaseee.... It's been a long time since I feel happy and for now, dat is all that matters. Please let me be happy..... with him. Amin.
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