Wednesday, May 19, 2010
My darling
My darling is someone who is a gentleman. Go all out on the first date. Slack on the 2nd but still trying his best. I love him but I will never tell him. He is jealous of *Jo but never did he said it directly.

Darling, I wish to ask you. Who am I to you? Am I but just a friend to you? Darling, I miss you so much and much more when ur leaving to Vietnam. I want you to know that I will miss you but let me keep this secret of love cause even before I said it, darling... I am hurt by the way you remain silence. My darling, you won't know how much I love you as I don't intend to let you know it now. Don't be angry that I told my parents that I am meeting a friend cause you never say that I am your girlfriend.

Darling, I hope you will keep to your promise that you will msg me cause as you said, if you don't then you will not come back.

I will remember that darling.... I will remember your promise.
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