Monday, May 17, 2010
Fate and Destiny
Am I fated to meet these types of men in my life? I really dunno. We were suppose to be missing each other but.... he changed. After giving me so much hopes, he changed. I am really really in pain but I can't cry. I have to be strong. Who is he to make me cry? Maybe I am really a fool to believe him. I am a fool to believe that he might be the one for me. I am a total fool!

My heart. It hurts. It hurts so much. Why must u... my friend... a close friend that I had after so long... why must u... my friend.... hurt me this much?

I think this is it. I have to go. Go away from you. Far away from you. I might have fallen but before I fall deeper, allow me to go first. Take my darling. My prayers will always be with you... a friend whom I was once close to.... my friend... my darling.... I love you...
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