Saturday, May 29, 2010
Stuck in the middle...
I only decided to be close to him again after you had broken your promises darling. I dun understand why you have to come back and explain everything. I dun understand why you're blowing hot and cold towards me. Darling, I am not your girlfriend but you still claim me as your girl. I am confused. You are playing with my mind. Stop it darl. I am stuck in the middle now. Should I be with you whom I dun even know if you are sincere with me now or should I wait for him which I know; though vaguely that these wait is gonna be worthwhile? Or should I let both of you go?

Whatever my decision is, I will only accept the man who can love my daughter like his own. I am not gonna repeat my mistake ever again.

My dearest, my darling..... I am sorry.... You have to realise this and accept this fact. I am the mother of the cutest child, Ratu and I can't afford to lose her cause she is my life.
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