Tuesday, July 13, 2010
Turmoil and Burdens
I really do not know what is happening to my life. I am damn busy in the morning with my manager bombard me with works all at a time. I dun even have time to breath. On site, I only got to go to the toilet twice and time is running out very very fast. Maybe cos I was too busy to notice the time.

Finally we get to go out together yesterday. The trip to the zoo was really a memorable one with people staring at both of us carrying our daughters. We felt so love. Glad he and both she are enjoying themselves and seeing her accepting him is like a sigh of relief. I dunno if he is the right choice but what i am really sure about is.... I had brought my daughter to meet him and I told everyone dat I will only allow my daughter to meet the man if I am really really serious with him and so... what do u think? Now, I just hope that she can accept me in her life. I dun want to take over her mother's position cos as a mother, I know how it feels to let their daughter to acknowledge someone else as the mother. I totally understand dat. Therefore, just treat me like an auntie though I will definitely love you like how I love my own. Insya'allah... Amin.
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