Wednesday, May 25, 2011
Then & Now
It is true isn't it... when people said that things change? Why am I such a stubborn freak thinking that things will always be the same?

I wonder how people could see me to be so strong when I still crumbled and cry behind close doors.

Then, you could feel when I am sad; when I dun feel good; but now, you told me that you wunno my feelings. How things've change..

You think negatively at the slightest remarks that I've made though I did not mean anything at all but you kept doubting it. Why? Or did I not have the right to even ask that? I dunno....

My heart hurts whenever I think about it. If it is just me alone, I dun mind getting hurt but there is my kid and your kid. Have you ever think about it?

I wish that we could turn back time where my happiness is all you care about but my wishes never comes true right?

Only once.. you gave me a surprise and you told me that you're downstairs and I said dat I really wish you are really downstairs and you told me that my wish had comes true.I even remembered that I told you, if it's really true, I am sooo gonna run down now and give u a big hug and kiss for making my wish comes true and you did.. I remembered too that I told you; I will remember that moment for the rest of my life.. My first wish that ever came true and I still remember it. But you guess what... I bet you forgotten all about it. Maybe, you had even forgotten what you felt for me.

Why pull me into your life just to destroy it? Can't you see my life? There is nothing else to be destroyed. There is nothing else in me. Am I just a rebound? Why me?

Only those past messages makes me smile every now and then but at the end of it? I still crumble and cry........
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