Friday, January 27, 2006
I dunno what to say. I dunno wat to write. My mind is blank. I feel like crying. Her face really irks me. I can see it everywhere I go. I dunno wat to do. Why the hell am I feeling this way? I'm not sure myself. I am tired of loving and being loved but I still believe that there is sumbody out there who is for me. I still live to that believe....
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Off all person.... HER???
I dun care a damn if he were to choose sumbody else but her? Off all person... her? And why should I care? I dun even know the answer. I dun have anymore feelings for him and I think he should be with her since she is pregnant with his child. I should be happy for them but why am I feeling this way? I really dunno!!!!!!!!! I hate to see her face... I hate to see his face... BUT I even hate to see their faces together. I hate them. I hate her.... I just hate her... I dunno if he do it to spite me but I can't deny from the fact that I HATE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Wednesday, January 11, 2006
My sis told me not to wait for him but he is my fren. I am confuse now. Does he deserve my time? I dunno. If only he knew... I miss him very much. He is a gd fren of mine and now I dunno where he is. Chris. I need you to be there for me during gd times and bad times... I only want you to be my fren... I didn't ask for much, did I?
On the other hand.. I am glad dat another fren of mine is back to me. I appreciate it dat he still regards me as his fren... Thank you.
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Sunday, January 08, 2006
where r u?
I never thought our friendship ends here. Or had it end when I left? have you found somebody new that you forsake me, your friend? I had always remember u.. I would never wanna lose you. Why must you do this to me? Everyday I try to call you.. Everyday I try to contact you! Why must you do this to me?!!! Chris, I miss you. Where are you now my friend? I'm looking for you. You know dat I can't live a day without talking to you. Why must you do this to me?! Why Chris? Answer me!!!!!
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