Sunday, January 28, 2007
To a person I once called my good friend...
My friend,
I would like to wish you a happy birthday. You must be shock that I still remember your birthday after all these years as we had not contacted each other anymore. I had live with the fact that you are no longer my friend. You betrayed me, humiliate me and insult me. How can I still call u my friend when that is not a job of a friend but a foe. However, I had never regard you as a foe. 'That' question still playing in my mind but if we were to meet again. I would not want to know the answer as I believe you would had explain it to me last time if you had treasured this friendship of ours. But you had take things for granted instead. Yes. I am sad to lose a friend like you but what am I suppose to do? Beg for your friendship? I dun think so. I had let you go as I am confident that you will be back to this friend of yours.

But you never did.

I move on with life and I am sure that you won't be here with me anymore. I will remember you as a person that I had once called my good friend. If 'she' never enter your life; do you think we will still be friends? Cos I dun think so. Allah had it written that our friendship is till there and I believe he had his reasons for separating us. However, you will be remembered but if we bound to meet again. I beg you. Please don't acknowledge me. I had put you in my past and I am not turning back.

Happy Birthday R-------!
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Saturday, January 27, 2007
Phew, what an update!
I meet him everyday but I still miss him so much. Did he? I dun think so. Sometimes people take things for granted when they noe that they are able to see their other half everyday. To them, 'I miss you' means nothing. Ask yourself. When is the last time you say I miss you to your other half? When you are overseas alone? Its not that I am asking for much but sometimes these are the little words that makes your day.

Our engagement is drawing near. Bought the important stuff. Liaise with almost everybody regarding stuffs. Collecting my gown tomorrow and buying the last important stuff to be bought. Exactly 2 more weeks to the day. Seems like there will be lots and lots and lots of people (mostly is his side i suppose). Hopefully everything goes smoothly.


Congratulation to my beloved cousin, Abang Mas Feiros and Kak Maya Shintawati on their wedding. May they be blessed by Allah in their new life journey. I am happy for them especially for my Abang who is very close to me and always ask for my opinion on the girl that he likes. I always told him to follow his heart and find the right one and insya'allah, the one that he pick is a good woman who comes from a good family and most importantly is close to Allah and can take care of him. I am glad he had found the one that he is waiting for. Kak Maya, take care of my brother like you would take care of your life. And Abang, take care of Kak Maya like you would take care of your life. All the best to my beloved people in my life.

That does not stop there! We went to Jakarta to celebrate on Kak Maya's side.

Hubby sent us off. He can't go due to his job but luckily somebody is there to take care of mum's plants. (Oooppsss!!! Haha!!!).

It was my sister's b'day on the third day there. A week before we go there, I think I had made another expensive smses to Kak Yanie asking for her help to find a place to give my sister a birthday surprise. So, we went to 'Paregu' to have our 'shabu-shabu'. It is some sort like seoul garden and hans river but it is in Indonesia!!! Hahahaha!!! And while talking.... here comes the surprise!!!!

My shocking sister receiving the cake that I bought (of course my bro-in-law's money) secretly with the help of (again) Kak Yanie. The whole restaurant was singing the birthday song!!! And they won't stop singing until my sister do what they ask her to do like..... Blow the candle! Cut the cake! Aiyoh! Haha... But I think it was her most unforgettable birthday ever. My brother-in-law's gift to her. So sweet!!! (Suddenly i sound like my cuzzie. Adui!)

The nite before we went to dinner with the newly wed and there I'm grouching hungrily...

Where is the food!!!!!

However peeps! I'm enjoying my life now with the beautiful people around me and lastly; here is a picture of me holding the flowers; given by my beloved cousin aka the groom; lovingly.

Thats all folks! ( Now do I sound like cartoon??? Kwang kwang kwang!!!!!)
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